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Trio Benares
Tour dates October/ November 2016 and 2017


Sat, 29 Oct 2016, Trio Benares World Music, Villingen , Germany Villingen, Jazzclub, Webergasse 3, 78050 Villingen-Schwenningen


Sun,30 Oct 2016, Trio Benares World Music, Nürnberg, Germany
DB-Museum Lessingstraße 6, 90443 Nürnberg

Mon, 31 Oct 2016, Trio Benares World Music,Köln , Germany

Köln, ginger up, Im Zollhafen 22, 50678 Köln

Tue, 1 Nov,2016, Trio Benares World Music, Köln , Germany

Köln, Stadtgarten, Venloerstr. 40, 50672 Köln

Thu, 3 NOV 2016,Trio Benares World Music ,Frankfurt,

Frankfurt, Brotfabrik, Bachmannstraße 2-4, 60488 Frankfurt am Main

28.4.17 Düre,Germany

20.4.17 Kempte,Germany

5.11.17 Zoglau,Germany

7.11.17 Köln,Germany

10.11.17 Lübeck,Germany

11.11.17 Lübeck workshop Musikhochschul,Germany

11.11.17 Gedelitz,Germany

12.11.17 Magdeburg,Germany

Music Of Benares
Tour dates October/November 2016


*16th October Suburban music Circle Santa Cruz, Mumbai

* 9th Nov with Embryo,Export Import, Munich, Germany


* 10th Nov, Jogacentrum Gronbach Wasserburg, Germany


* 11th Nov Eine Welt House Munich, Germany
*Triviso, Germany

12th November, Music conservatory, Triviso Italy.

*Padova, Italy

18th November, Padova, Italy

*Torino, Italy

19th November, Torino, Italy

*Geneva, Switzerland

20th November, Geneva, Switzerland

*Zurich, Switzerland

23rd November, Zurich, Switzerland

*Konolfingen, Switzerland

25th November, Konolfingen / Bern, Switzerland

 Austria Date will be updated....


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Past Tour Dates:

Music Workshop with Pandit Deobrat Mishra in Venice/Italy (July-2016) 6th July till 15th July

Mishras are giving Music workshop for 10 days in month of July 2016 in Venice/ Italy. Students and friends from different part of the world  can join us. Mishras will teach, Sitar/Tabla and Vocal based on Banaras(Benares) Gharana Music tradition.
Place to stay in Venice:  SANTA FOSCA HOSTEL

Cannareggio 2372     VENEZIA  - VENICE

Please book your place to stay in this hostel, please contact them directly for accommodation.


Students need to register their place in advance with us Last date to register is on 15h June 2016. But as soon as you book your Class you can get better price for Class as well as place to stay.

How to pay and book class in Advance?

Payments can be paid direct in Bank Account of Deobrat Mishra or by paypal

Please contact us in Advance for all info's at:

Contact us for all info at:

Contact,Paolo Avanzo for all other info’s about the Workshope, 0039-3480650344

Deobrat Mishra will Perform in Switzerland 0n 26th and 27th July. Can book more concert till 7th August 2016.

August 2016, Concert in Mumbai

further information follows ...