A piano, sitar, and tabla trio is rarely heard, notwithstanding the vast range of World Music. The receptivity of the pianist Roberto Olzer for Indian music, together with Deobrat Mishra (sitar), his nephew Prashant Mishra (tabla) and their openness for experimentation and mu- sical dialogue have created this unique recording of great seductive resonance. When Indian classical music rooted in the spiritual guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student tradition) meets and mingles with the rich harmonic heritage of the West the result is pure, musical alchemy.

Melodies of Indian, Irish and Spanish origin provide ample space for improvisation, as do in- spired original themes, all emerging from the infinite source of a world soul – Anima Mundi.

ATLANTIS TRIO, born in 2014, has performed in many Italian cities – Rome, Torino, Massa Carrara, Verbania and Domodossola and at the Monza Visionaria Festival.
Their first album, Anima Mundi, was released in 2017 by Barnum For Art. www.barnumforart.com/anima-mundi/

I met and played with Deobrat and Prashant Mishra for the first time in November 2014 in a concert titled ‘East meets West’. I will never forget the intense excitement we felt playing together for the first time, an excitement shared by our audience.
This experience was followed by further concerts no less rich in musical poetry and improvisational spontaneity.

I could not help thinking then as I do now, that fundamental to the dialogue between diverse musical cultures such as these is a single, universal soul known as Anima Mundi, Vishwatma, Weltseele etc., a unifying principle underlying individual phenomena and cultural ancestries. We have experienced the seductive genius of this ancient concept. It has brought us together as musicians and inspires our playing.

Roberto Olzer